.: Kurt or wise

It seems that Kurt is a pet form of the Germanic Konrad, a derived from the Old High German Kuonrat (wise counsel), a compound name composed of the elements kuon (bold, wise) and rat (counsel).

It seems that Kurt Cobain wasn’t what we would call a wise person. And he died young on April 5th 1994. Surely he was an artist, as he created art. And art is by its nature something controversial, multifaceted, polysemous.

L’arte è per sua natura polisemica e controversa. E’ la molteplicità dei significati che trasmette che provoca in noi quello stupore e quelle sensazioni contraddittorie che ci fanno riflettere e ci permettono di giocare con la realtà.

Though your mother taught you “don’t play with food”, maybe we should play with it, instead.

“Non giocare col cibo” ci insegnano da piccoli. Ma perché no ? Dipende da come ci si gioca…

I think we should play more, instead. Imagination is a human power and something that, most times, helps us living better and be happier. Why not using it ?

Goodbye Kurt. Hello Kurt.