.: Dark chocolate and pink peach

Ho scoperto che questa ricetta è più conosciuta di quanto pensavo, leggendo un altro blog molto carino

Pesche di Nonna Albina

but hey, these are the peaches my mum’s been cooking since I was a kid. So they have the taste of childhood… that bittersweet taste of memories and of bliss…

Thank you mum.

You need:

peaches – pesche
cocoa powder – cacao in polvere
amaretti biscuits
eggs – uova
sugar – zucchero
butter – burro

cut the peaches in two and take the pulp out. Put the empty peaches in a baking tray.
Mince the pulp and mix it with the cocoa, the yolk, a bit of sugar and the choppped amaretti. Put it all in the peaches, and put a bit of butter on each, then put them in the oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

And you’ll be… the king of p.