.: Pesto’s paradise

Haven’t been cooking pesto lasagna in a very loooong time… so I need to test it again…

the look is good, but… I probably used a bit too much of pesto.. so be careful !


lasagna – slices of pasta
bechamel – besciamella
parmesan cheese – parmigiano-reggiano
optional: extra cheese. I used Asiago ❤

recipe is simple: boil lasagna slices, and put ingredients in layers. Pasta, bechamel, pesto, parmesan and so on. Be careful with pesto, cause it has a lot of oil inside

Then put in the oven at 180° for about 20 minutes.

not so goodlooking when you cut it… but nice taste 😉

have fun!

.: Seven seas (sea 5)

This is dedicated to a lasagna. Lo so suona un po’ buffo, ma questa lasagna con pesto e zucchine era davvero delicata e saporita… una grande idea

The classical lasagna could be too much for the summer days… so this rendition of a classic Romagna recipe, with seasonal vegetables and the freshness of pesto, is a perfect idea

it’s a vision achieved

.: A change is gonna come #2

Do you like changes? I hardly do. But I don’t like repetitions too (ah ah doesn’t seem so!). We are not always prepared for changes, but we often want them. Being human is being inconsistent, very often. La natura umana è spesso contraddittoria, ondivaga. Molte volte non siamo pronti al cambiamento, ma non sopportiamo nemmeno la monotonia. Siamo portati al cambiamento, ma spesso ci spaventa. Che fare ? Be prepared. We should try to anticipate change or sometimes we can experiment and try to find ways toward it.

We look at classics and immediately think: how could this be better done ? Everybody know Sam Cooke original and  Otis Redding’s version, but what about Aretha?

So today I wanted to make a simpler lasagna.

The original lasagna has bechamel in it, but I didn’t want either to make it or to go out and buy the ready one. So I made a cheese-lasagna. Prima di tutto dovete fare il ragù. First you have to make some ragù. So: brown some onion in oil

Add some chopped meat (pork and beef)

then add tomato sauce, some minced carrot and let it boil for a while. How long is a while ? Well… from 30 minutes on 😀 Ok quando avete fatto il ragù dovete tagliare unpo’ del formaggio che preferite, può essere mozzarella, Asiago o qualcos’altro che vi piace, non troppo saporito. * As you wait for the ragù to get cooked, you can cut the cheese (the kind you like, not one too tasty) and you start taking the pasta

You will have to boil it slightly, one layer by one, while you “build on” your lasagna

stain your oven pan with very little oil, then put pasta on the bottom and start putting some ragù on it

then add some cheese, then again pasta, ragù and cheese, until your last layer. You can top with some extra grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

In the oven at about 190°C for 15-20 minutes will do

and you will have a change that you can taste and compare

I also love Seal’s rendition, Leela James‘ one and, of course, Lauryn Hill‘s covering, but.. what about Greta Van Fleet ?? They sound different!

.: Mother

Mia madre è molto più brava di me in cucina. Diciamo che io ci provo, ma non sarò mai brava quanto lei… e le sue lasagne lo dimostrano

Mum is much better than me at cooking and her lasagna prove it. Once a week I have to be reminded she’s the best between the two of us 😀 and I’m glad of it. So if you really want to know what the true Emilian lasagna is, this is the place: it is a layered pasta. Layers are of 3 types:
1) pasta (sfoglia – lasagna is a format of pasta all’uovo)
2) béchamel – besciamella
3) ragù and parmesan

You will hear of all kind of variations and renditions of lasagna all over Italy and all over the world. But the only true original lasagna is this one. Don’t let’em fool you. Questa è la lasagna emiliana. Tutto il resto sono varianti e pasticci. Ok you can eat whatever kind of “lasagna” you want, because it’s ok to be creative. But don’t call them “true lasagna” 😀 Thank you mum !

the song is a rhetorical challenge to parents, primarily inspired by Tipper Gore (the wife of Al Gore) who, along with the Parents Music Resource Center, introduced the Parental Advisory warning placed on albums that contain explicit content.
Glenn Danzig explained further: “Al Gore wanted to tell people what they could listen to and what they couldn’t…it was basically coming down to the idea that he wouldn’t let anybody record any music that he didn’t think you should be doing. There was going to be an organization that would tell you what you could and couldn’t record. And certainly if you couldn’t record it, you couldn’t put it out. It was really fascist.”