.: Thank you

Thank you sun, thank you soil, thank you water, and above all, thank you daddy, for this magic. This is dedicated to all of you which can’t walk directly among things growing in the summer…

plums are sooo sweet

pears are good too

you couldn’t cook without tomatoes

love peaches too

and what about chili peppers ?

.: More times

I am developing a passion for chicken in a sauce of tomato and spices.

and I have lots of onions…

and onions…

so I’m gonna cook this spiced tomato sauce chicken many more times…

see previous post for the recipe of sauce. what about the chicken ? put the chicken pieces in a bowl with lemon juice, evo oil, garlic and all the spices you like: pepper, coriander, turmeric, cumin, ginger, paprika and whatever you like. Let the chicken there 1 or 2 hours, then put it in the pan where you have previously cooked the sauce and let it cook until done.

.: Since I’ve been ‘cooking’ you

This is an old love… una ricetta che non facevo da un sacco di tempo, ma che amo molto…

a classic which I like to manipulate… slightly change… always love: my crostata with mummy’s marmelade

250 flour – farina
125 sugar – zucchero
3 yolk + 2 eggwhites – 3 tuorli e 2 bianchi
120 gr butter – burro
baking powder – lievito per dolci
marmelade (plums) – marmellata (prugne)

180°C for 30 minutes

whip the eggwhites – montate i bianchi a neve, poi mescolate i tuorli, lo zucchero e il burro fuso – then add the yolks, the melted butter and the sugar. Bio eggs !!!

when you have mixed them all, keep a little back to put in on the top later – tenetene un po’ da parte per metterlo sopra la pasta, dopo

tenete anche un po’ di pasta da parte per la decorazione – save some dough for decorating the top – stain the pan with some butter and add some flour on the surface – imburrate e infarinate la teglia, poi stendete la pasta – then lay the dough, put the egg+sugar+butter on it and then the marmelade

have fun with the decoration, then put it in the oven: 180°C for 30 minutes and you’ll have this old-love-delicious-tart

since I’ve been loving it….

.: Whole Lotta Love

Liver and onions is something I love, so I cook it over and over and over and over again. The same as musician from every place in the world love to do some songs over and over and over and over and over again…

and if you don’t know who Michael Winslow is, you better learn it ! Se siete giovani forse non vi ricordate di Michael Winslow… ma dovreste impararlo!


.: Discovering old new

You probably have heard these songs, but you might not know they’re by the Zeppelin. They come from a Deluxe edition bonus disc for a 2015 reissue of “Presence” (1976):

“10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod”

“Two Ones Are Won”

And you probably have already seen my recipe for biscuits, ah ah… ok it’s not the same thing, I know, but I need to make biscuits today….. so this is it.

Recipe is known:

200 gr flour – farina
100 gr sugar – zucchero
90 gr butter (sweet) – burro
baking powder – lievito vanigliato
1 egg – 1 uovo
optional: cinnamon – cannella
Oven 170°C for 15 minutes – Forno 170°C per 15 minuti

sciogliete il burro – melt the butter

montate il bianco a neve, poi mischiate con tuorlo e zucchero, e aggiungete il burro – whip the eggwhite then mix with the yolk, the sugar; add the melted butter

poi la farina e il lievito – add flour and baking powder

stendete e fate le forme, mettete su una teglia – lay the dough, make the shapes, put on the tray. Yes they’re my new cutters ! 😀

in forno e… voilà – in the oven and… done.

Now… a little bit of show

It will be a nice breakfast tomorrow, with my old-new biscuits