.: Sultans of swing

I already made chickpeas balls, so this is not new, but it might be new for someone, and it’s a nice recipe. Falafel is originally a north Africa dish, and I tried them during a holiday to Egypt. They were the sultans of my trip. This is an easier rendition, with eggs.


200 gr chickpeas – ceci
onion (shallot) – cipolla (scalogno)
parsley – prezzemolo
cumin – cumino
coriander – coriandolo
nutmeg – noce moscata
1 egg – 1 uovo
grated bread – pangrattato

Prepare the spices and chop the onion – preparate le spezie e tritate lo scalogno.

Chop the (precooked) chickpeas, then mix all the ingredients (some bread too), make some balls and roll them in the bread * Tritate i ceci (precotti), poi mescolate tutto (un po’ di pane va anche dentro il misto), fate delle polpettine e impanatele nel pane

Fry carefully, for they burn very quickly * Friggete con cautela perché si arrossano molto velocemente

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.: My version of falafel

Ok it’s not the original recipe for Falafel, but it’s good for me. I’m not a pro cook, so I really find it hard to make them without an egg and I like to add a bit of cheese too. Maybe you’ll like them too.

100 gr chickpeas – ceci
onion – cipolla
parsley – prezzemolo
cumin – cumino
coriander – coriandolo
grated bread – pan grattato
1 egg – 1 uovo
parmesan cheese – parmigiano

Boil chickpeas, mix with all the rest. Form some meatballs (there is no meat !), put some grated bread on them and fry in hot oil.
I ceci vanno bolliti, oppure li comprate già bolliti. Unite tutti gli altri ingredienti, nelle proporzioni che preferite. Formate delle polpettine, impanate nel pane e friggete.

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