.: Arahura

Some things look weird and extraordinary from the other side of the planet. Or just from another perspective. For example: can you do a salad with chicken ? “Insalata” con pollo ripassato in padella ? sì !

Have you ever thought New Zealand looks like an upside down Italy ? Well… it seems I’m not the only one who thought so.


Vi siete mai accorti che la Nuova Zelanda sembra un’Italia a testa in giù ?

Pare che io non sia l’unica che ci ha pensato




Di sicuro dall’altra parte del pianeta esistono cantanti quasi sconosciuti qui, ma straordinari. Sure they have some extraordinary voices over there… some almost unknow around here.

“Arahura” refers to the like named river in New Zealand. The area was known for the presence of NZ jade (also called greenstone) and was the subject of wars for control of the mineral rich land. The song alludes to the idea that the river has no stake in the conflicts and goes on flowing despite it all.
Arahura, in Māori mythology (specifically that of the Ngāi Tahu people of the South Island), is a divine canoe which was made of pounamu (greenstone).

So lat’s take a canoe… ehm… a bowl, then put some green salad in it. In a pan brown some chicken pieces with oil, lemon, ginger and parsley.

Condite l’insalata con pochissimo olio, sale e origano. Put a little bit of oil, salt and oregano in the green salad. Then add the chicken.

Maybe it’s not as lovable as Marlon’s voice, but it seems nice to me.

.: Lemon sorcery

Una variante del risotto agli asparagi: asparagi, limone, formaggio e mandorle.

Lemon will be a touch of fresh in a classic risotto agli asparagi

butter * burro
onion (shallot) * scalogno
rice * riso
broth * brodo
asparagus * asparagi
cheese: Asiago (cubes) and (grated) Parmigiano-Reggiano
grated lemon skin * limone
almonds slices * mandorle a fette

Boil the asparagus and chop them in a cream. Put some butter in a pan with the chopped onion. Brown the rice then add the broth slowly and blend * Bollite e tritate gli asparagi. Rosolate la cipolla in padella con il burro. Aggiungete il riso e tiratelo a cottura con il brodo.

When the rice is almost done, add the asparagus, the almond slices, then the cheese and the grated lemon. Quando il riso è quasi cotto, aggiungete la crema di asparagi, le mandorle, i formaggi e la buccia grattugiata del limone.

It’s a very fresh and perfumed risotto.

Thinking about changes… I’m not a fan of teen series or movies, but I saw this video and…

…read about Lemonade mouth. Sometimes I wonder what would Walt Disney think about his company today. The original Disney works might have been kind of frightful for kids… but sure the music (Paul Dukas) and the stories (Goethe’s Sorcerer’s apprentice) were on another art level.

Have you ever noticed…? “sorcerer”, which means “sortilegio” (magia, stregoneria) in italian… sounds like “sorcio” which is an italian word for “mouse”.

.: Goodnight Zoe

I should have posted this next May, because it was during that month, last year, that I met Zoe. But this song came to me today, and I noticed that it is linked to various nice moments of my life. L’anno scorso a maggio ho conosciuto Zoe. Nonostante siamo parenti, non ci eravamo mai incontrate, perchè viviamo molto lontane, ma sono molto felice di averla “ritrovata”. Zoe is a real nice person, so I want to dedicate my goodnight ritual to her: you are sweet like a warm chamomile cuddle with fragrant honey and drops of lemon.

I wish all your dreams can come true and that you always find love around you, like honey around that bit of zesty lemon that life menace everyone with.

Ti auguro tutto il meglio e una buona notte con queste note.