.: Tell me how

Tell me how could I stop making my batbout bread…? Especially the one with cheese inside…mmmm…

100 gr farina di semola / durum wheat flour
150 gr farina tipo 1 / type 1 flour
acqua / water
lievito di birra /brewer’s yeast
sale / salt

Fate lievitare per circa 30 minuti o un po’ di più
Let it rise for 30 minutes or a bit longer

Poi lo dividete in palline, le schiacciate, le stendete, le ripiegate e…
Then make some pieces, roll out the dough, fold it up and…

… you only need a pan.
Basta una padella, ed è fatta.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ti ammazzerei ma poi non so…
Quando non ci sei…
Senza di te non c’è più il soooOOoole
Dimmi come posso fare per salvare il mio cuore ??


.: I like the way you work it

I love making my bread-and-cheese “things” whenever I make my weekly bread.

you just have to do the usual batbout bread and put you favourite cheese inside.

and the cheese will melt…

you can do these for a quick dinner with friends too. And I do the rest as regular bread

love the way they turn out

.: Can you feel it coming… ?

It’s hot. I haven’t been using my oven in months… it’s too hot for it, even if I could switch up my AC. I find it silly wasting energy for warming and more energy to cool it down. So… no biscuits, but.. a lot of bread.

I love the perfume when you just made it… spreading through my house…

so I made it again and again, week after week… for bread is the basic food and I love having it freshly made.

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like cooking, during the making of bread, I fill some of them with cheese and have them as my dinner, with something else, for example some ham

just need a pan to let them grow a little

or let the cheese melt a little, inside…. a soft heart! ❤

and you can make it over and over again… because some nice bread is something you can’t go without

Can you feel it coming…?

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord

.: Walk

Walking back to bread and a simple, tasty, fillet. Quando finisce il pane, mi metto all’opera. First: yeast, flour, water, salt and a bit of milk

Second: rising. You don’t need much time, 1 hour at most

then make the squares. Fate dei quadrati, oppure tutte le formine che volete, però piatte. Be’.. tranne se li farcite con qualcosa.. tipo un bel cubetto di Asiago

A couple of cheese-filled one make my dinner more delicious. And I love the fact that you can quickly cook them in a pan

I always love the result.

and I decided to combine it with a classic: a small beef fillet.

Walk… back to simple food.

.: Little Big Italy

Italy is a small country when compared to United States, or even Germany, France or many other ones. Some have a larger population, other a bigger territory; some are more powerful, others’r more influential or rich, but hey… think and find another “small” country that everyone in the world would like to visit at least once in life. Find one who’s got more art treasures and more landscape diversity with such concentration of beautiful places, cities, mountains, seasides or countrysides. Find one who has given to the world as much creations, ideas, thoughts, inventions and even words. Ok, maybe a lot has been done in a remote past, but still people from the “boot” often amaze the world even today; sometime with “simple” things like food. Or music.

Of course I don’t mean other countries didn’t give the world extraordinary talented people or inventions, ideas and so on. Just think that Italy is kind of thick when we talk about things making the world beautiful and enjoyable. Italy never even had any true colonialist empire (as UK did), but the estimated number of italian descent people in the world is about 66% of Italy’s population.  Sure Italy has/had lots of problems and imperfections, but what country has none of them ? I really hate our bad sides: bribery, poor organization, individualism, lack of civic-mindedness and more. But, for tonight, I want to look at the good side.

Maybe it’s just out of all these differences, contradictions, contrasts, inconsistencies, incoherences… out of all this diversity that so much beauty can spring.

Sure no one can say we’re a cold and dull place. And it’s nice to think I was born here just by chance. So this is the dinner: makhmar bread (the foreign) and veneziana style liver (the traditional). Mi piace l’idea che infondo l’Italia è sempre stata un crocevia, un miscuglio, un laboratorio di culture. La nostra cultura è un puzzle di differenze. Per definizione. Siamo a metà tra il nord Africa e il nord Europa, tra la Catalogna e la Croazia, tra la Grecia e la Francia, tra l’America e gli Urali. Abbiamo il duomo di Milano e quello di Palermo. Meucci, Fermi, Volta, Dante, Boccaccio, Michelangelo e anche Rita Levi-Montalcini, Dario Fo, Enzo Ferrari, Angela e Luciana Giussani. Mi sembra giusto accompagnare il fegato alla veneziana con il pane alla marocchina.

First I made the dough for the bread and I let it rise

then you only need to cook it in a pan

and the bread is ready

Second you clean out the liver, cut the onions and put all together in the pan with some oil. Pulite il fegato, tagliate la cipolla come vi piace di più e mettete tutto in padella

and then you can enjoy the result