.: Give a little

Let’s give yourself a treat sometimes… I love fries.

Penso che le patatine in padella piacciano a chiunque. Be’, ogni tanto bisogna concedersi uno sfizio, no ? E con le patatine anche un filettino mignon, no ? And a small tenderloin, once in a while… is ok.

When you don’t eat them so often… you can really enjoy fries

And it’s been days I wait
I wait to see you smiling
And it’s been days I wait
I wait to see you smiling

So give a little piece of your love
Give a little piece of your heartache
Give a little piece of your touch
Give a little piece of your heartbreak

.: Walk

Walking back to bread and a simple, tasty, fillet. Quando finisce il pane, mi metto all’opera. First: yeast, flour, water, salt and a bit of milk

Second: rising. You don’t need much time, 1 hour at most

then make the squares. Fate dei quadrati, oppure tutte le formine che volete, però piatte. Be’.. tranne se li farcite con qualcosa.. tipo un bel cubetto di Asiago

A couple of cheese-filled one make my dinner more delicious. And I love the fact that you can quickly cook them in a pan

I always love the result.

and I decided to combine it with a classic: a small beef fillet.

Walk… back to simple food.

.: Game of carrots 7

Lot of carrots hu ? Lot of fun ! The amount is proportional to the pleasure I got from watching season 7. Oh yes. I don’t want to spoil those of you who haven’t watched it yet. Davvero qualcuno non ha ancora visto la stagione 7 ? Be’, vergognatevi. Shame on you. Perchè è stupenda. I love it. There’s a lot of dragons. Love those dragons. My new favourite word is… Dracaris !

Wish I could cook these carrots with a dragon…ah ah
Anyway… I still recommend you beef and carrots. I know it’s not new, but it’s simple and it’s so tasty.

Even with a lot of carrots. Just be careful with time. Beef steak doesn’t need much cooking.

Be careful with this: spoiler !!!!