.: Go!

Ok I confess: I love playing Mariokart, and I love wearing the crown when I win online games.

Playing is a lot of fun, even when I lose. I don’t keep in mind defeats. I don’t count victories. ‘Cause in life you just have to go ahead and smile. Hold on, cook, fight (mainly against yourself), run and smile.

The music in Mario Kart 8 Delux is not just “some electronic music” for decoration. They’re great musicians and I really enjoy the music during the races. They make the races really epic ūüėÄ

.: Spirals of fun

I love Mario Kart 8. That’s it. And this spiral biscuits remind me of the fantastic game tracks. Would you ever think a game about an italian plumber would be so successful ? Funny uh !?

And the music… it’s great !

Domani √® S. Lucia. Quando ero piccola aspettavo questo giorno, perch√© era il giorno in cui arrivavano i regali. Babbo Natale non c’entrava niente e nemmeno la Befana. Peccato che allora MarioKart non esisteva… per√≤ mi ricordo quella volta che ho ricevuto un trenino: bellissimo !