.: I don’t need no doctor

Hard times, we all know. Stiamo in casa, speriamo, incrociamo le dita. We cross fingers, we stay home, we hope for the better. Speriamo non ci serva un dottore. Allora… mele.

150 gr sugar – zucchero
2 eggs – uova
200 gr flour – farina
baking powder – lievito per dolci
milk – latte
butter – burro

oven – cottura 180°C around 30 minutes

Cut the apples in slices. You can wet them in lemon juice or in some cake liqueur (in Italy we often use Sassolino)

Mix sugar and eggs. Add flour, baking powder and a bit of milk if you feel it’s getting too thick. Then oil your pan with butter, put the dough inside, decorate with the apple slices and put some small pieces of butter on top. Oven will do the rest… a humble pie to keep doctors away

.: Let the sunshine in

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”
― Oscar Wilde

So let’s see my artwork for today: yobimé = yogurt-biscotti-mele (yogurt-biscuits-apples)


120 gr flour (manitoba) – farina
30-40 gr butter – burro
80 gr vanilla yogurt – yogurt alla vaniglia
40 gr sugar – zucchero
1 apple – 1 mela
baking powder – lievito istantaneo per dolci
Oven time – Cottura: 180°C per 20-25 minuti
Preparation Time/Tempo: 20-30 minutes

First: chop the apple in small pieces. Fate la mela in piccoli pezzi. La verità è che avevo una mela che dovevo consumare, e mi sono inventata la ricetta 😀 Ma fidatevi: sono buonissimi.

Then melt the butter – sciogliete il burro – and blend everything, until it’s a soft-but-compact dough. – Mescolate tutto fino ad ottenere un impasto soffice ma consistente. Modellatelo con uno stampino. – Shape it with a small mould or whatever you like.

Maybe I should have closed them up over the apple pieces, but they come out good anyway. Potete richiuderli sopra le mele… a piacere

Prima di metterli in forno, mettete un fiocco di burro sopra ogni tortina. Put a flake of butter on each one before cooking.

Did you know that George Lucas refused to direct Hair ? And what about Madonna and Bruce Springsteen out of the casting ? Ok, it was 1979 and I guess it was a challenge for Forman, to make this movie, when the hippy spirit was already gone. But Hair remains a cult movie, and the main theme is also something everybody knows

..although we have to recall who was singing it in the musical:

you can serve tea or coffee and they’ll be perfect. Also for breakfast.

.: Turn(er)

I have some more left-over roast. And I hate repetitions. So I want to offer you another way of garnishing a very tender and tasty meat: pork loin roast with apples. Vi propongo un altro modo di guarnire l’arista arrosto: maiale con le mele. Sembra uno scioglilingua ? già…

Ma qui parleremo anche di Joe Lynn Turner, ecco il perché del titolo. Ok, I don’t mean Joe Lynn Turner is like a pork loin, oh no !  But Certainly he is (was?) a great singer, writer and producer, and he joined many bands as a central element. So we will talk a little about him and guest two great songs here with this unusual tasty course. Non ci vuole molto per farlo, specialmente se avete già l’arrosto che va solo riscaldato. More or less it takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook.

Peel and cut the apple(s). Melt some butter in a pan. Tagliate la mela (o le mele) e sciogliete un po’ di burro in una padellina.

Fate cuocere le mele nel burro e se volete aggiungete un po’ di cannella, noce moscata e sfumate un pizzico di limoncello. Cook the apple cubes in the butter with some cinnamon and nutmeg. I also added some drops of lemon liquor.

When they start to soften, put them in the pan with the meat. Quando si fanno soffici, aggiungetele all’arrosto e continuate a cuocere per poco.

Il gusto è particolare, perché si abbina il dolce della mela con il salato dell’arrosto, ma sono entrambi gusti delicati, quindi si sposano bene. They are both delicate flavours, so I think they combine well.

You tell me.. but only after you’ll have appreciated Joe Lynn Turner and how he perfectly combined with both Blackmore and Malmsteen.

My favourite is Stone cold, but…

Rising Force is also great 80s music. Well… at least for me


.: (We’re all) wayfaring strangers

Roaming, rambling, trembling… sometimes we don’t know very well where we’re going but we keep on going. A volte vaghiamo, non sappiamo bene dove siamo diretti… ma non possiamo fermarci.

Mele e maiale. Vi sembra strano ? Sì, anche a me. Però m’è piaciuto. L’unico difetto è che il maiale che avevo in casa non era un taglio abbastanza morbido. Ma voi ora lo sapete e potete rimediare. Comunque guardate questa mela impastellata e fritta:

Look at this battered piece of apple:

non è tenera ??? Ain’t it lovey-dovey ?

Ok, stasera non so cosa m’è preso, ma ho impastellato tutto. E addio colesterolo. Forget the diet and fry. You’ll be happy tonight.

I took the pork meat and cut it in pieces

then you make the batter: flour, water and a bit of sunflower oil. You coat the meat and fry it.

then you cut the apple in pieces

and batter the apple too

when you’ll have fried everything your kitchen will be a mess, but you will like the taste

You can eat them together or…. just make the battered apple piece: I really think they’re great just for themselves


.: Autumn sweet

Strawberries are nicer, so red… and I thought I could put them on a cake, but I’m not sure they would taste so nice when baked.

So I decided for a classic, my lovely apple pie. Just added some walnut crumble and a few late peaches slices for a change.

And it’s so good.

Good like a sunny autumn day… with those nice colors and perfume…

I was thinking to my sweetie, Nora, again. She really was so sweet and it’s so unfair that she’s gone. Only Eric Clapton could make some velvet music for my mood. Autumn music… for falling leaves

The falling leaves drift by my window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands, I used to hold

Since you went away, the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

And please: don’t say Friday 13 is bad. My Thursday was worse.