.: Happy birthday Mina

Mina is kind of milestone in contemporary italian culture. She’s the symbol of a unique personality, original in her singing style and (subversive) life choices. As an example of her oddness, she retired from public performances (in 1974), but continued to release new albums and songs. Last but not least, she is my mum’s favourite singer, so I’m sure she’s glad I’m dedicating this post to her. And I won’t put here a video of her last song, but I want to show how she used to sing in her revolutionary screaming style in 1960.

What was I eating this evening while watching Mina’s son, Massimiliano Pani, wishing his mother a happy birthday ? Something not so revolutionary, but somehow unusual, simple and convincing (to me).

Chicken with ginger and lemon. Sounds like an iceream? Uhm, maybe! But it’s not!

In a pan put some oil, ginger, lemon and parsley. Add the pieces of chicken and cook it well. Bit of salt and it’s done. Rosolate bene gli straccetti di pollo in olio, zenzero, limone e prezzemolo. Salate. Fatto. Very simple. I didn’t expect such a graceful taste.

Brava ! (the ginger side)

… and her melancholic soul must be shown too (the lemon side)

goodnight. You will never be forgotten