.: Time is the enemy

Next saturday we’re going to lose 1 hour. And it’s been 100 years of this madness. I know, daylight saving time helps saving energy (the actual effect on overall energy use is heavily disputed)… but I must confess I really hate it.  Anybody in the world ever thought we could change our schedule for daily activities, instead of changing time ?

Anyway, all I want to tell is I can’t start the day without breakfast and this is a good habit. I only wish they didn’t stole my time, anymore.

Preferisco lavorare la sera e dormire la mattina. Lo ammetto. Ma che ci posso fare se il mio “fuso orario interno” o qualsiasi cosa sia, mi fa stare meglio la sera ? Io odio alzarmi presto! Possibile che invece tutto il mondo abbia stabilito che ci si debba alzare all’alba per fare qualsiasi cosa ? Lo detesto.