.: Bright (spring) lights

I know… most people look for healthy food and are trying to lose weight but… these days it’is not my case… actually I am trying to gain some weight, instead, and…hey… I love most carbohydrates…so please forgive me if I put here my “bright lights”…. these wonderful pastries… to celebrate spring

at least I got some healthy orange juice with it

.: We will (On ira)

I need a lot of positive energy today. So coffee was not enough. Orange fresh-squeezed juice was not enough.

I need my marmalade-quinoa muffins

And also something more: a juice with pomegranate, blueberry, carrot and aloe. Oltre ai miei ultimi dolcetti con marmellata di prugne, oggi mi serve una riserva extra di energia e vitamine, quindi un bel succo di melograno, mirtillo, carota e aloe.

Oh qu’elle est belle notre chance
Aux milles couleurs de l’être humain
Mélangées de nos différences
A la croisée des destins