.: Tell me how

Tell me how could I stop making my batbout bread…? Especially the one with cheese inside…mmmm…

100 gr farina di semola / durum wheat flour
150 gr farina tipo 1 / type 1 flour
acqua / water
lievito di birra /brewer’s yeast
sale / salt

Fate lievitare per circa 30 minuti o un po’ di più
Let it rise for 30 minutes or a bit longer

Poi lo dividete in palline, le schiacciate, le stendete, le ripiegate e…
Then make some pieces, roll out the dough, fold it up and…

… you only need a pan.
Basta una padella, ed è fatta.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ti ammazzerei ma poi non so…
Quando non ci sei…
Senza di te non c’è più il soooOOoole
Dimmi come posso fare per salvare il mio cuore ??


.: I like the way you work it

I love making my bread-and-cheese “things” whenever I make my weekly bread.

you just have to do the usual batbout bread and put you favourite cheese inside.

and the cheese will melt…

you can do these for a quick dinner with friends too. And I do the rest as regular bread

love the way they turn out

.: All good

Some days you start good, go on good and end good. First, a nice breakfast with my lovely biscuits…

Then tagliatelle al ragù…

Third: you start to cook some bread

and you will have it with some simple and nice polpette

this is my bread

and in the end… you add ice cream to some beautiful strawberries

isn’t it all good ?

.: (You don’t have to feel) fool

Ok, maybe I’m not doing it the perfect way… and maybe the name is batbout and not makhmar… I’m not sure, ok. But I won’t stop making it my own way, because … it turns out fine, anyway

…e mi piace tanto vedere quando si gonfia nella padella. Questo pane è perfetto, anche se forse non è esattamente cucinato come si dovrebbe, però è morbido e buono, e non ci vuole nemmeno tanto tempo per farlo

just a jump in the pan, and it’s done

don’t feel fool if you can’t make it right the first time… try again

Why do I need you so, why do I need you so bad?