.: Thank you

Thank you sun, thank you soil, thank you water, and above all, thank you daddy, for this magic. This is dedicated to all of you which can’t walk directly among things growing in the summer…

plums are sooo sweet

pears are good too

you couldn’t cook without tomatoes

love peaches too

and what about chili peppers ?

.: Seven seas (sea 6)

Pasta comes from wheat, and crustaceans come from the sea, so pasta with lobster is a perfect wedding of tastes

you just would want more lobster in it. Anyway… shouldn’t you be satisfied with that great dish, you can always faint with the dessert: pesche (peaches) al cioccolato fondente e amaretto (amaretti and dark chocolate) with a delicious zabaione cream

my mum cooks peaches with chocolate and amaretti too and they can compete. Love you mum.

.: Dark chocolate and pink peach

Ho scoperto che questa ricetta è più conosciuta di quanto pensavo, leggendo un altro blog molto carino

Pesche di Nonna Albina

but hey, these are the peaches my mum’s been cooking since I was a kid. So they have the taste of childhood… that bittersweet taste of memories and of bliss…

Thank you mum.

You need:

peaches – pesche
cocoa powder – cacao in polvere
amaretti biscuits
eggs – uova
sugar – zucchero
butter – burro

cut the peaches in two and take the pulp out. Put the empty peaches in a baking tray.
Mince the pulp and mix it with the cocoa, the yolk, a bit of sugar and the choppped amaretti. Put it all in the peaches, and put a bit of butter on each, then put them in the oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

And you’ll be… the king of p.