.: Wish you were here

19 years ago, in a sunny day, like today, my friend F. passed away. She was young, too young to go, and so many people were missing her smile and still are today. We had so many joyful days together, we had been working together for some years, facing the good and the bad. And yes, we ate many pizzas together with friends.

So this is dedicated to you, F. You were such a beautiful e joyful girl. You brought so much joy in my life that still today I can feel it. Wish you were here.

Well maybe you are. Even when I’m waiting for my pizza to be ready…

Thank you for being with me. I think this is the best pizza I’ve ever done, just because I’s thinking of you while doing it.

La mia amica F. era straordinaria, anche se non aveva mai fatto nulla che “il mondo” potesse ricordare. Eppure a salutarla c’era proprio il mondo, tutte le persone, veramente tantissime, a cui aveva dato gioia.

.: The great fruit in the sky

I had to make another post, because that cake really is soooo good…

And I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There’s no reason for it – you’ve got to go sometime.

Gerry O’Driscoll, Abbey Road Studios janitorial “browncoat”