.: I love you more than rock’n’roll

English language have much more words than italian, but… when it comes to food you can find weird things: I’m not sure there are two different words for totani and calamari… or they’re both called squid? I don’t know. Anyway… questa ricetta potete farla coi calamari o con i totani, sarà sempre mooooolto buona. You get the kind of squid you like best, results will be nice either way. And we need something good for our body and soul… so let’s go. This recipe takes some (cooking) time, but it’s very simple and anyone can do it.

evo oil – olio evo
onion – cipolla
garlic – aglio
parsley – prezzemolo
sweet paprika – paprica dolce
turmeric – curcuma
ginger – zenzero
pepper – pepe
chili pepper – peperoncino
tomato sauce – salsa di pomodoro
potatoes – patate
Deve cuocere almeno 1 ora, quindi non è una ricetta velocissima. Must cook for at least 1 hour, so it’s not a quick one.

Of course, first you need to mince onion, garlic and parsley

I especially love garlic with fish, so I put a lot of it in the pan

Also you need to have the potatoes ready and of course the rings of squid. Ora siete pronti per fare un quadro astratto in padella: the pan will be your modern art work: put the oil, the onion, the spices and the garlic (last, after the onion is a bit colored)

then put the fish in. Fate rosolare 5 minuti gli anelli nell’olio-aglio-cipolla-spezie

just 5 minutes. Then you will add the tomato sauce and the potatoes

Mix, cover the pan, let it cook for 1 hour. Mescolate, coprite e lasciate cuocere per 1 ora.

You can also make it without potatoes… Sì, potreste anche farli senza patate…

but you’ll regret it ! Ma ve ne pentireste !

Potatoes make it gorgeous…better than rock’n’roll… well, I’m not sure

:. Stone cold fever

How to cuddle yourself in such hard times? Pumpking soup is the answer. Visto che in casa si tende a smangiucchiare e ingrassare, vi propongo una ricetta buonissima a base di verdure e patate: la zuppa di zucca.

onion – cipolla
pumpkin – zucca
potatoes – patate
carrots – carote
evo oil – olio evo
spices (paprika, turmeric, pepper, chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon) – spezie (paprica, curcuma, pepe, peperoncino, zenzero, cannella)

mince the onion, and brown it in the oil with the spices you like

then add the pumpkin, and the potatoes

add the minced carrots too, some water and salt

let it boil for about 30 minutes, then mash it up with a blender.

Let’s all fight against this stone cold fever


.: Sometimes I get a good feeling

Food can cheer you up, even when times are rough.

Non sono molto di buon umore in questo periodo, però cucinare qualcosa di buono, aiuta. Ecco un bel piatto di gnocchetti ai funghi e due formaggi.

Potato gnocchi
Porcini mushrooms
Asiago cheese
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Evo oil

and a good vibe

Just chop the mushroom and brown them a little in evo oil. Cook the gnocchi in salted water, add the gnocchi to the mushroom pan and blend with the two types of cheese

You can also add some more vibes

.: Ever fallen in love

Other than fries, there’s another potato-based food I’m in love with: gnocchi. The classic recipe is just oil and tomato sauce, but you can add a bit of mozzarella & oregano and make pizzaiola gnocchi

Aggiungete un po’ di mozzarella e origano al pomodoro e otterrete dei fantastici gnocchi alla pizzaiola. Ovviamente marca Maffei 😀 la mia preferita !

Buonissimi !

I’ve definitely fallen in love with gnocchetti Maffei… and with potatoes in general

.: Love recipe

Ok, this is not a “diet” dish, but! There are at least 2 positive points about it:
1. no salt. The (pork) sausage is tasty enough for itself, so that you won’t need any salt added
2. more potatoes = less meat. If you cut the potatoes in small pieces, you will feel like you are eating a lot, but you will eat just a small piece of meat. In my case the sausage was really small: 60 gr

So, the recipe is simple, but with a couple of tricks:
1. peel and cut the potatoes in small pieces
2. boil the potato cubes in hot water for 3-4 minutes
3. start to brown them in a pan with little oil
4. chop the meat in pieces
5. when potatoes are half cooked, turn them in a random way, add the meat in pieces and cook it all together

We should not love fried potatoes so much, but… what can we do ? we love them. And… I won’t explain you the meaning of the post title, ok ? 😀

1. pelate e tagliate le patate a cubi abbastanza piccoli
2. bollite le patate per 3-4 minuti
3. cominciate a friggere le patate in poco olio
4. tagliate la salsiccia a pezzi piccoli
5. quando le patata sono a metà cottura, giratele, aggiungete i pezzi di carne e finite la cottura

il bello è che non dovete aggiungere sale.