.: Lost and found

Today I went for a medical check. Don’t worry: everything is fine! But you need to check things every now and then… just to make sure there are no hidden problems. On the way back home I had to take a detour and… got kind of lost in the country. Mi sono persa nella “bassa”. We call ‘em lowlands, because they’re very low on the sea level

It might seem a problem, but it is a sunny day and the country was beautiful. I was not in a hurry and on the radio there was my favourite programme, with such great music…

So I enjoyed driving in the country. Può sembrare un contrattempo, ma infondo non avevo fretta e quindi mi sono goduta il sole e il meraviglioso panorama, con la fantastica musica scelta da Mixo.

Intanto pensavo a ieri… yesterday I visited my parents and their wonder-garden

This is spring and asparagus are coming! Arrivano gli asparagi freschi ed eccoli qui

“rubati” e portati a casa insieme alle patate. I am so lucky to have them and brought them home with some potatoes

So, when I arrived home late I was hungry. Ok erano quasi le 4, ma io non avevo mangiato ! Così… è partita la cucina: risotto con crema di asparagi, Asiago, straccetti di prosciutto cotto, parmigiano e mandorle!

Risotto with asparagus cream backed ham, Asiago cheese, parmesan and a touch of almonds. Here is the start: a soutéed of onions in evo oil, and you have to boil the asparagus and chop them till creamy

while the rice cooks in the broth, you can prepare the rest

So add the cream to the onions, then the (boiled) rice, the cheese and the ham

Love it !

When you appreciate detours… Life is beautiful

.: By chance

By chance I have some baked ham, by chance I have some minced meat, by chance I have some cheese and an egg 😀  Per caso ho del prosciutto cotto, del macinato, formaggio e uova. Cosa posso fare ?

Polpette ! What is different ? I added the baked ham inside

The difficult part is turning them and not burning them

by chance, I made it !

Everybody love to be surprised when things happen by chance, so …

Even when we know it might be a fake or a masquerade, we love it anyway.

And did you know we must thank a motorcycle accident (Bob Dylan 1966) and a honorable discharge (Jimi Hendrix 1962) for This ? Chance.