.: Turn(er)

I have some more left-over roast. And I hate repetitions. So I want to offer you another way of garnishing a very tender and tasty meat: pork loin roast with apples. Vi propongo un altro modo di guarnire l’arista arrosto: maiale con le mele. Sembra uno scioglilingua ? già…

Ma qui parleremo anche di Joe Lynn Turner, ecco il perché del titolo. Ok, I don’t mean Joe Lynn Turner is like a pork loin, oh no !  But Certainly he is (was?) a great singer, writer and producer, and he joined many bands as a central element. So we will talk a little about him and guest two great songs here with this unusual tasty course. Non ci vuole molto per farlo, specialmente se avete già l’arrosto che va solo riscaldato. More or less it takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook.

Peel and cut the apple(s). Melt some butter in a pan. Tagliate la mela (o le mele) e sciogliete un po’ di burro in una padellina.

Fate cuocere le mele nel burro e se volete aggiungete un po’ di cannella, noce moscata e sfumate un pizzico di limoncello. Cook the apple cubes in the butter with some cinnamon and nutmeg. I also added some drops of lemon liquor.

When they start to soften, put them in the pan with the meat. Quando si fanno soffici, aggiungetele all’arrosto e continuate a cuocere per poco.

Il gusto è particolare, perché si abbina il dolce della mela con il salato dell’arrosto, ma sono entrambi gusti delicati, quindi si sposano bene. They are both delicate flavours, so I think they combine well.

You tell me.. but only after you’ll have appreciated Joe Lynn Turner and how he perfectly combined with both Blackmore and Malmsteen.

My favourite is Stone cold, but…

Rising Force is also great 80s music. Well… at least for me


.: Three Kings

Ok, Am I going too far? Three pans, three recipes… do anyone really want to do this ? Well… if you know all this only takes 10 minutes, probably yes. And I don’t even have a diswasher!

This is what we call “a tris” and in this case it’s a tris of gnocchi. Italian ? Yes. White, red and green. Very italian… LOL. Anyway, Ok è un bel tris di gnocchi, e sembrerebbe una cosa complicata, ma ineffetti è semplice. L’unico problema è… che dovete essere veloci. The problem is not that it takes long, but that you have to be quick.

So, I couldn’t take pictures while cooking, ‘cause I had to cook quickly. You have to get the pans ready: one with oil and tomato sauce, another with a little bit of oil (you will warm it and put a few pieces of cheese to melt a little) and the third with some pesto.

As soon as the gnocchi go floating in the boiling water (and it just takes a minute or two), you will take them out: some you put in the tomato pan, the second ones in the cheese pan, and the third part in the pesto pan. Add the rest of the cheese, to the cheese pan: it’s going to melt while you mix the gnocchi in the tomato pan. Be careful with the pesto pan, because it could burn easily. Ok, now mix gnocchi with their “sauce” in each pan, and it’s done.

It’s very good, because you can mix the white ones with each of the other two.

And now you can eat it with another “magic trio”: three kings of 70s music. Enjoy

Led Zeppelin – 1971  – Stairway to Heaven

Deep Purple – 1974 -Soldier of Fortune

1975 – Rainbow – Catch the Rainbow