.: It’s a Long Way to the Top

After something quick, now something slow. You need at least 3 hours to make pizza at home. I know, I already told you about making pizza, but as ancient Romans used to say, “repetita iuvant”.

You need two types of flour:

50 gr manitoba flour
100 gr regular flour (I use type 2 flour)
evo oil

a dear friend of mine keeps on telling me the rule for the water amount, but I keep on forgetting it. It’s a real long way to the top ! Anyway I think water should be around 60% or 70% of the flour, which means…

150 gr * 0.7 = 105 gr water

You have to melt the brewer’s yeast in the (warm) water with a bit of sugar. Then knead the flour with the oil, the mix water+yeast and add the salt in the end (cause salt kills the yeast!). Then let it rise for about 2 hours (until it doubles).
Then you lay it down. Put the tomato souce and cook in the oven around 180°C for 20 minutes. Then take it out, add the mozzarella cheese and the toppings, and cook it until the mozzarella cheese is done, which takes at least another 10 to 15 minutes.
It’s a long way to the top but the result is yummy !

I wonder who is reading this from Nepal… but hey… Hello friend! Pizza rules the world 🙂

.: Tenacious D

This is not a blog about sophisticated cuisine. I’m only telling you about the ordinary things I cook and love. I keep it simple, but  tasty. So, this post is about things I already told, but I’m never tired of. What can you do with some beef and pork meat, cheese and flour ? Something lovely.

oops… this is what is left… era davvero buono e quindi è sparito in fretta, questo duo. E’ un duo che adoro, un duo fantastico. It’s a tenacious duo. Polpette with cheese and bread with cheese.

First, you have to prepare the bread, ‘cause it takes more time. Flour, baking powder, water and you prepare small rectangles

Some of them have cheese inside, and they’re the special ones. But I also cook some plain ones.

I love to see them swelling in the pan.

The ones with cheese will not swell and you have to be careful with them.

Poi si fanno le polpette: take the minced meat, put an egg in them, some grated bread and some grated cheese, then you make the balls and fry them. Be careful here too, cause the cheese will melt and will try to escape. You can find the recipe here (as I said it’s nothing new)

Ok are you vegetarian ? you can make my version of falafel, instead of meatballs. Or you can make zucchini-polpette . You have choice !

Basterebbero queste polpettine a fare una cena deliziosa…

Don’t you think they rock ? and your dinner will be even better with the little cheese-bread “ravioli”.

They’re not real “ravioli” for they are bread and not pasta, but I think you will love this Tenacious Duo

You will. And you’ll escape whatever hell you’re going through


.: Am I the one

Sounds like an existentialist question, doesn’t it ? well it’s a song. One of those which can hit you in the deep. an make you think of a dilemma… imagine you are one of those little cake…

someone is watching you and… thinking about which one to choose… which one to eat… and the better you are, the sooner you’ll be chosen.

Am I the one ? Am I the good one ? Am I the one… you love ?

Well… on the left we have Tam Tam (by Bahlsen), it’s good, but not homemade. On the right is my apple-inside muffin. Look

Now: which one would you choose ? The good one always go first. Luckily Beth Hart is still here with us. But my muffin isn’t.