.: Thank you

Thank you sun, thank you soil, thank you water, and above all, thank you daddy, for this magic. This is dedicated to all of you which can’t walk directly among things growing in the summer…

plums are sooo sweet

pears are good too

you couldn’t cook without tomatoes

love peaches too

and what about chili peppers ?

.: Where have all the flowers gone?

Let’s start the day with Joan Baez voice from her younger years…

and then, when you look at flowers, think…

… there would be no vegetables, and no fruits, without flowers. And as plants are food to all the other creatures, there would be no life, without flowers. And there wouldn’t be the beautiful (yes, beautiful!) vegetable soup I make with tomatoes, peas, beans, asparagus, potatoes, zucchine, parsley and more, from my father’s garden.

As I am no gourmet, I will also confess that my favourite pasta for the minestrone is Maltagliati, which I buy at the Coop market.

and invite you to think over again that we’d all be lost if the flowers had all gone. Thanks to Pete and to Joan for reminding.

Of course I know the song is not about “real flowers”… but you know, showing respect to flowers and showing love for mankind, actually seems to me pretty the same. And who knows… maybe people are starting to think about what direction mankind should take and what not.

March for our lives, March 24th

.: Hotchpotch

Minestrone is a hotchpotch of vegetables and the taste is so good. It’s perfect for the cold days… like today.

It’s perfect to mix different things. It’s perfect to mix different people, different ideas, different feelings. We are living in a growingly mixed world, and it will be perfect, if we just remember mixing things is good.

Take a mix of vegetables cut in pieces: zucchini, asparagus, carrots, pease, beans, potatoes and whatever you like.
Put some oil in the pan and some minced onion, and make a “soffritto” which is a sautéed. Means that the onion just have to become a little darker, but not burned.
Than put all the vegetables inside, add some tomato sauce, some salt or a stock cube and some water.
Let it boil for at least 30 minutes.
When everything is cooked, mix it with a blender and make a cream.

Apart you can cook the rice or pasta, as you prefer. I like whole rice.

When the rice is done, add the cream and it’s finished.

I don’t know how I found Okean Elzy, and I’m not sure I have posted this before.. but you’ll forgive me if it’s the case. I like to mix things, and this will sure increase the good taste of the blog.

Okean Elzy – In the sky

“Somewhere there someone has just february outside,
It’s already spring on my street.
And my breath is taken away, like if it was because of height,
Cause I live like I’m flying all the time,
Like I’m flying all the time,
Every moment, when you’re next to me.

And I’m in the sky, my my sweetheart
My star, I’m in the sky
Since I’ve found you.
And I’m in the sky, like in the Eden*,
My darling, when I’m with you
I’m flying again and again.”

“The biggest goal is to feed you with as much education as possible.”

Growing up in the Soviet Union — he was 16 when Ukraine left in 1991, after the Berlin Wall fell — the rebellious schoolboy never seriously considered the ultimate rebellion of joining a rock band. “Rock music? Decent boys didn’t do that,” he says. Always eager to learn, Slava attended his dad’s university, studying theoretical physics to marry esoteric and clinical ideals well. “It’s very empirical,” Slava says, but also “very similar to composing songs or painting.” While wrapping up his studies, the 19-year-old met his future bandmates when they caught him playing a Beatles song on the piano (either In My Life or Blackbird, he can’t remember), and they drafted him to be lead singer.

“The biggest challenge will be to not get disillusioned.”