.: Morning whisper

Someone says that cappuccino was born in Vienna. I don’t know. What I know is that its light foam is like a whisper… a sweet taste that helps you starting your day.

e dovevo celebrare i miei biscotti. Quindi latte, schiuma e caffè. I have hardly found a good cappuccino in any place outside Italy. But it’s been a long time since I was somewhere abroad. I hope now things are better and you can have a good one wherever you live.

.: Within attraction

When you think a new year should start better, but it does not… cook for yourself something reminding you of good times….

So prawns and anchovies…. simple but crispy.


marinateli con olio, limone, prezzemolo. Poi fate un misto di olio, pangrattato e prezzemolo. Ricopriteli e gratinateli. Se volete aggiungete anche poco pomodoro.

Oil, lemon, parsley. And cover them in breadcrumbs mixed with same ingredients. Same for prawns and for anchovies.


Taste of fish… taste of an island in my memories and in the greek sea…