:. Stone cold fever

How to cuddle yourself in such hard times? Pumpking soup is the answer. Visto che in casa si tende a smangiucchiare e ingrassare, vi propongo una ricetta buonissima a base di verdure e patate: la zuppa di zucca.

onion – cipolla
pumpkin – zucca
potatoes – patate
carrots – carote
evo oil – olio evo
spices (paprika, turmeric, pepper, chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon) – spezie (paprica, curcuma, pepe, peperoncino, zenzero, cannella)

mince the onion, and brown it in the oil with the spices you like

then add the pumpkin, and the potatoes

add the minced carrots too, some water and salt

let it boil for about 30 minutes, then mash it up with a blender.

Let’s all fight against this stone cold fever


.: Experiment on yourself

Seduction is natural for someone… but it’s also something that everybody need to experiment and practice

my mum’s cuisine is her greatest seduction power for me… she can make the most perfect tortelli with pumpkin

then you only need to cook them in salted water, add some melted butter and some parmigiano-reggiano…and they will be one of the greatest dish you can have

I can’t give you her recipe ‘cause it’s a family secret, but you can have a pretty good one from GialloZafferano

the hard part is making the “sfoglia” (which is the thin pasta to wrap the filling) and also find the good tasting pumpkin… but the cooking is really simple, as I said before…

Sometimes you must unleash the jungle inside your heart…

.: Sometimes to fail is to succeed

I didn’t know about this. Wandering around Youtube, looking for songs by Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, I came across this: Patti got frozen at the Nobel Prize Ceremony in 2016, while singing a beautiful Dylan’s song in his honour. And I heard the story from her lips. Non sapevo fosse successa questa cosa: Patti Smith che si emoziona tanto da interrompere la sua performance alla cerimonia dei Nobel. Wow.

This is what I got from her words: that moment of “failure”, was actually a moment of extraordinary empathy. In that place, so formal, every word and every gesture must be so controlled, so perfectly measured, everyone was feeling nervous there , and she, with her “failure”, gave back to all of them the sense of what they were actually being and doing: human beings celebrating how much human beings can be passionate and can get the most out of their lives and give pleasure and beauty to whole humankind. Il suo gesto, il suo “fallimento” ha restituito una dimensione umana a un momento totalmente formale, tramutandosi in qualcosa di emozionante per tutti i presenti.

Maybe one day there will be a Nobel Prize for farmers or for cooks, not meant for a single person, but for that small % of people that actually produce food for whole humankind or for those who make the everyday work of preparing good food for others. Because food is essential and good food is even more essential. Quando mangiamo, dovremmo sempre pensare a quanto lavoro ha richiesto produrre quel cibo e portarlo fino a noi. Forse un giorno ci sarà un riconoscimento per chi fa questo lavoro. Non penso a un premio per qualcuno, ma a un momento per dare riconoscimento a chi produce e a chi prepara il cibo, globalmente, nel mondo, ogni giorno,  per miliardi di persone. Perchè il cibo è essenziale ed è ancora più essenziale il buon cibo.

So I decided to make a pumpkin risotto with something unusual: almonds. You will judge whether it’s a success or not, but I liked it.

Put the pumpkin in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, go with the usual onion sautéed. Bollite la zucca per 10 minuti e intanto fate un soffritto

Poi schiacciate la zucca ammorbidita. The press the pumpkin (with a fork) to make a kind of cream. Hey don’t throw away the water where you boiled the pumpkin: make a broth with it and cook the rice in it.

Al brodo di cottura della zucca aggiungete un po’ di dado oppure di brodo (se lo avete!) e cuocete il riso con quello. Poi mettete la zucca e qualche mandorla insieme al soffritto e scaldatelo poco (il soffritto non deve bruciare). Infine aggiungete il riso e un po’ di parmigiano-reggiano.

Add the pumpkin to the sautéed, with a few almonds slices and warm it all a little (don’t burn the onion). In the end add the rice, some parmesan cheese and blend it all.

Fail or success, depends on your taste. I like it!

.: There’s something on your mind

Risotto time. Pumpkin, (plums) marmalade and cheese. Zucca, marmellata di prugne e parmigiano.

Etta James & B. B. King are like two great ingredients for a wonderful tasty bittersweet course. So please, enjoy this song and cook this risotto. They both give me the right vibe for a good day…hey it’s sunny here today !

Risotto con la zucca ! E vai ! Risotto with pumpkin, cheese and (plums) marmalade. Believe me you’ll love it. Pumpkin+marmalade+cheese is a typical taste of my place.. and reminds me so much of my lovely granny. So come on, take the pumpkin: I use the one I freezed from my father’s garden

Boil it ‘til it’s soft and you can squeeze it. Then take an onion and mince it

you’ll brown it in a pan with some oil. Then prepare grated parmigiano-reggiano (or whatever hard cheese you like) and rice

The long version is that you put the rice in the pan, have it browned with the onion and cook it slowly adding some broth.

The short version is you boil the rice in the broth, then you takeit 2 minutes before the end-time and put it in the pan with the brown onion.

Then you add the pumkin. Blend it well. Add the plum, blend some more and in the end, add the cheese and blend again.

.: Smoke on the pumpkin

I got pumpkin in my freezer, and I decided to make an experiment recipe with speck ham.

cook the pumpkin in a pan with evo until you can smash it. Add some milk, just a bit.. until you have this

then put some speck in another pan and have it go too.

Then mix all together

And here is your bittersweet pasta

We all came out to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didn’t have much time
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground…